Does anyone feel like they can’t be sexual anymore with there partner

So, I am 23 weeks and 4 days pregnant I am having a baby girl her name is Scarlett rose white. This is my first pregnancy and gonna be my first baby girl…I am really excited to meet her. But for some some many reasons every time that my husband is tryna have a sexual time with me I don’t want anymore than I use too. Like, I do want it but at the same time not in the mood anymore too really want that, and it seems like when I say no’ I feel bad bc he wants it more than I do. Is that weird to say?
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You can u can do the side position u can oral sex I'm just giving u ideas

Don’t ever feel bad to say no and he should respect what ur feeling at all times!

Not gonna lie any type of sex positions idk doesn’t feel right too me like idk if the baby is pressing on my uterus to make me not react a certain way or something. But I do appreciate that you know.

I’ve been told it’s normal to have fluctuations in sex drive during pregnancy due to all the crazy hormones! There are other ways to connect with your partner and if you want to ensure he’s not upset about it just talk about it honestly and share your research. They will understand if they love you!

I feel the same. I just figured out how to do handjobs and he's good with that for now.

I’m dealing with the same thing but opposite! Of course first trimester I wasn’t up for anything, but now my hormones are RAGING and we haven’t even played around all but once since we found out I was pregnant. And even that one time was a little stressful and full of anxiety for us both. But hubs just got back from a week-long trip to see his mom and we haven’t done anything in like 4 months but he says that he’s too stressed to even think about having sex. He knows it doesn’t hurt the baby, but I think he’s anxious about how it might be different, and can’t seem to get his mind off financials with the baby, work stress, and his mom being sick. No matter how much I try to get him in the mood, he’s just not interested, and then I feel guilty for bringing it up. He says he’s working on ways to cope with the stress but there’s no end in sight and now I don’t know how to cope. Masturbation hasn’t seemed to work for me, not to mention the endless vivid sex dreams I’ve been having.

I'm in the same boat! I feel soo bad because I haven't had sex in sooo long my boyfriends is supper sweet and doesn't pressure me but I still feel bad 😣 when I do occasionally get in the mood it hurts and is so uncomfortable no matter the position or the baby starts kicking and it just feels wrong 😭

Yes, you are not alone! Then when we do have sex, certain positions hurt and missionary is the best feeling but my stomach starting to get in the way. It’s frustrating and weird to me cause I had such a high sec drive before pregnancy

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