Body dysmorphia??

I've gained 40 lbs so far, I'm 28 weeks. I've struggled throughout my pregnancy with accepting my changing body. This is the largest I've ever been, and it honestly scares me knowing I'll get even bigger and more uncomfortable. My boyfriend is sweet and tries helping me feel comfy, but he hasn't helped me still feel beautiful or connected with myself and I honestly feel a bit resentful. I declined sex for the first time today since..probably ever (haha) because I feel unattractive. I love my lil baby and pregnancy is amazing, but I'm just feeling really detached from my body lately. Anyone relate? 😶
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I had the same feeling at the beginning of the pregnancy, as the belly was not showing, in my head was only me get fatter and fatter…I hate it!! Now that the belly is showing I think is beautiful…and is not me getting fatter! We are two bodies in one!! And also it depends on how thin you were of my friend was very thinner before pregnancy and she gained 60 lb!! So do not worry! It is just a number! And it is only a temporary number! It will go down after you give birth! You are beautiful because you are growing an human being inside you!!Lot of love!

I’m struggling with the same thing. The weight gain is hard. I keep reminding myself my body is doing what it needs to do for my baby and I can lose the weight afterwards. Just remember too that a lot of it is water, blood, placenta, boobs, and baby! You’re doing great 💜

@Alessia aw, that's all so sweet. You're right, it's just a number. It's tough going from being very active and in great shape to feeling so big and that small tasks are cumbersome.

@Alexa right, I try reminding myself that a lot if it is extra fluid, baby and boobs lol. It's just hard not feeling sexy or pretty anymore. Like, none of my clothes fit at this point and I'm almost 200 lbs. For me, that's a big difference in my body composition. I'm typically quite petite and was very used to how my body moved and felt. I just feel like a stranger in this foreign body.

@Carah I am with you! Fellow Alaskan message me if you want to chat, would love to connect

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