im 37 weeks today tomorrow i have, midwife,consultant and a scan, tomorrow i have to tell the consultant what day i would like to start my induction. ive got to pick a date between 26th -31st march and i can't decide at all 🥺 gutted i cant go to term but its in my little girls best interest.
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@Sam yeah might just speak to consultant after scan then if i have to choose i think im heading towards 31st March xx

@Kirsty im very lucky that i wont need the childcare funding as im going to be a sahm till she gets her 30 free hours at 3 or starts school. xx

You be entitled to your childcare funding from April if she is born at end of March or if she is born from 1st April you will be entitled from September. I know it’s a long time in the future but 🤷🏻‍♀️

@Sam no significant dates, was always hoping she would come on her due date Easter sunday, we are been induced due to polyhydramnios and shes still small we have a scan tomorrow if there are any concerns ill be getting induced this week but they wanted to try and give her a little more time to gain more weight.

@Sam that is what I was learning towards but its so hard to know what to do for the best, her dad and my family say its my choice but i don't want to mess it up 😔 x

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