19 hours ago

Separate room post delivery cost

Does anyone have idea how much a separate room post delivery can cost. I am planning to keep my hubby alongside after delivery as he can’t be a partner while i will be delivering because he probably will get faint 😀
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17 hours ago

600 at queens. It was tiny but I really needed it and to have my own bathroom. They let my partner stay and he did all the night feeds

18 hours ago

We didn't have one and it was honestly fine. They let us keep the labour room for a good 3 hours after he was born, gave us a bit of privacy. Then my husband went home for about 4 hours until 9am (start of visiting hours) and we went to the postnatal ward. It was pretty quiet and the staff were brilliant. We were discharged by 3pm, 14 hours after birth, so would hardly have been worth it anyway! We were so wrapped up in our new little one we barely noticed our surroundings :) x

19 hours ago

I didn't have a private room, but the fathers just seemed to stay in the bay with the mothers. Nobody said anything. Chelsea & Westminster Oct 22

19 hours ago

Back at the end of 2021, Amenity Room in St Mary’s (sides rooms with no other women on both Aleck Bourne wards and birth centre) were £295.00 per night but you have to check on your delivery day for availability. Not sure how much they’ve increased since then

19 hours ago

@Courtenay - i just wish i would get one but it is so unfortunate that my private insurance also doesn’t cover the separate room cost post delivery

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