Braiding hair before having baby

Hi everyone! So I’m thinking I’d like to get either braids or twists a couple of weeks before baby comes to make life easier. Thing is, my mum said it’s not good to put heavy extensions in my hair because my hair might fall out or something like that, post delivery? She’s got severe alopecia and blamed it on braiding her hair pre-delivery and giving birth, 🫣 I’m worried now. Anyone heard of that? Or will I be ok?
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I braided my hair two weeks before my LG arrived, long box braids and it was such a big help as I didn’t have to stress about brushing, styling or whatever (those first few weeks are something crazy) Yea I had hair loss but nothing major really and I don’t think it was caused by the braids tbh

Thanks ladies. It’s probably the most sensible thing to do as you know there’s no time when little ones around.. Do you think passion twists will last? I’ve moved away from my city to another and everyone charging over £100+ for braids. I’m tempted to try and do passion twists myself 🤪

If you can you could try but in this state lol don’t want you to exert yourself and end up not liking the outcome cause it’s gonna be time consuming..and they require more care than the regular braids I think

I’ve had my hair braided for baby’s arrival - think it just makes sense!

That seems extreme and perhaps just her experience not the norm. I had knotless braids and it was fine. I had a little shedding post partum but it came after I took the braids out. I highly recommend them because my sister didn’t have them and looked like absolute trash during delivery lol

I would go braids over twists for sure

I can barely come my hair now and I’m about to get braids again lol

@Maiza lollll not “absolute trash” 😂😅…. I definitely want braids when the time comes for me.

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