*potential trigger warning* help with a gift

my friend had a miscarriage. We both have one baby and are rather young. Neither of us knew that miscarriages could be/are painful. When she shared with me her experience she let me know how much pain and sorrow she went through on top of the fact that it happened on her college graduation day so she missed her graduation AND she found out a few days earlier one day before her wedding day. She’s gone through a lot in a short time frame and I want to get her something next time i see her. I’m just not sure what i should get her. I want it to be something that shows i sympathize with with her but not something over the top. Just really not sure what’s quite right in this situation. Like if I got her flowers should i attach a card ? Don’t want to make things worse. Thanks for your help!
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Also if you know what the due date was supposed to be or when was the first time she heard the heart beat you can make this ring. I loved having it and I put the heartbeat date on it instead of the due date. https://www.etsy.com/listing/844009383/

My friend got me a silver necklace with the baby's birthstone which meant so much and maybe a journal because Journaling helped me get through the pain.

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