Discipline problems

I have a toddler and at this point I don’t know what to do. He doesn’t listen and basically does whatever he wants….. if we go outside he will take off running and will not stop until I catch him…. Any advice
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Its hard but its the age they are at and their pushing to see what they can do i feel you mama its hard

Big little feelings on insta is a great resource

It is hard because sometimes I feel myself getting so upset that I have to take breathe or step outside @Lisa

Thank you @Lauren I’ll def check it out

What is your relationship like with your toddler? Do you spend a lot of quality time together where you're both enjoying the moment? Sometimes, children act out and want to engage in " chase me" games because they seeking connect moments. They may also have lots of energy to burn

Try a leash or backpack with tethered leash until he can be trusted

Buy a backpack with reins on it. Safety first at least he cant run too far

Read No Bad Kids. It’s a very helpful book!

I will say it, a leash. Put it on tell him that your job is to keep him safe and until he can listen to the ones that love him very much and stay close. He has to wear it. I know, you think me cruel, I personally see this as black and white. Either, you keep telling them, and they dont listen, and maybe one day, when you are extra stretched out for your attention, little one will wander off and... god forbid. The other option, put a leash on them to keep them close and help the child to understand self-control and to stay in a safe proximity. The toddler understands to some extent, tone especially. They will do what they want and have no understanding of the consequences of their actions, and everything is new and exciting. Great! Let's keep the extra roudy ones wrangled, I mean, it isn't like you hog tied em! The bright side is you only have to use it to train for a short period, use freedom of the leash to encourage them to be free of it by asking them to promise to stay close and not run off.

@Desi and that proves how good a mum you are stepping outside and having time to yourself ive started to ignore tempers or if he does something i say no in a loud voice x

@lisa sometimes it so hard not too get loud

I like to give them 2 choices with most things. If they won't listen, I'll ask them if they want to play at the playground or go sit in the car or go inside the house... Give them a few minutes in the car or inside to rethink how running off isn't working out, then try again. They'll get the idea after a little while. I also start counting at that age. It's amazing how well it works. I'll tell them that they can choose to play here or we can go inside. If they don't come, I'll start with 1, 2, 3. Then we go inside for a couple of minutes. After that, I say we can try again now.

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