20 hours ago

Two weeks postpartum

I feel like me and my husband are falling out of love with each other. I feel like his feelings have became less for me. I’ve tried having a conversation and he says he is tired. I feel devastated as this is our first child and finally we have a family what we have both wanted. He’s amazing with the baby. I’ve had a C-section and he took over the feeds and changes. But with me I took a back seat and now it’s as though I do not exist. It’s Mother’s Day today and I asked him to get a card for me from the baby. He went shops got the food shop and said the cards are out of stock. I feel like giving up on the relationship. I gave him a child and he doesn’t love me.
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14 hours ago

I have to say I agree with the above.. went through something similar but once you are feeling better and are settled as parents you will naturally make more of an effort with one another.

18 hours ago

Just give it time honey. You're in the thick of it. I can barely remember anything from the first month its all a hormonal sleep deprivation mess. You're not getting any sleep, you're in pain. It is going to get easier I promise. I was crying everyday for a solid 5 weeks over everything. You just had major surgery it's ok for hubby to take a lead for now on feeds. You need to heal. I felt like a terrible mum too coz my husband did way more than me the first 3-4 weeks. Now 7mo in she's a total mummies girl 😅 Your doing amazing. Just be kind to each other and you will be ok xx

20 hours ago

You are 2 weeks postpartum! Honestly give each other a break, this is the worse period after birth with the hormones. Why give it all up when you have a baby to think about 🙈 x

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