Not confident with BLW at all

Is anyone else having trouble with BLW? I started pretty will with some food items . But since last few times baby had really bad gagging which put me on my wits and i am thinking to give up on BLW🥺. I am following solid start app for instructions and recipes. Mamas who are happy with BLW please share some advice. 🙏🏼
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There was a video just a couple of days ago on the Solid Starts Instagram page that had tips for babies who gag alot - it might be useful for you? Their content always gives me more peace of mind.

I'm not confident with blw either and am using food feeders and feeding purees instead now

I thought I was going to be so good with BLW. Fast forward to giving my LO avocado for the first time… let’s just say I was pulling it out of his mouth in a panic 🤣 I’m quite happy on mostly purées at the moment, it’s suits me and my LO just fine. I’ll probably feel a little more confident as he gets his teeth etc. All I need to remember is that my generation were purée led as babies and we’re all eating just fine 🤷🏼‍♀️🫶🏻

Stop pressuring yourself! Food before 1 is for fun and should be enjoyable for you and your baby! If it isn't, change it up. If you don't like BLW, puree! We were pureed and we eat just fine, they will all get there in their own time and when they're ready, as will you. Why don't you start with puree and gradually thicken it? Start with 4+ pouches, then maybe some real runny porridge and go up a step when you are comfortable doing so. I give my little boy whatever I feel confident giving him that day. Some days he eats nothing but pouches, other days he has a day of baby led. I go by how I feel and how I feel like he will do at that particular meal time. There's no shame in however you feed your baby. Do NOT let social media/what everyone else is doing make you feel like you have to do something you're uncomfortable with. BLW Vs puree is becoming the new breast Vs bottle and it's ridiculous! Feed in whichever way you and your baby are happiest. You are doing just fine xxx

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