When did you take your baby for their first swim?

When and where did you guys take your baby for their first swim/class? From what I can see, most swimming classes starts at 6M but we’re wanting to get the LO (12 weeks) in the water just to get her used to it etc. I’m wondering what everyone did with their babies? Did you go to a warm kiddie pool? What did your babies wear? How was your routine? I’m a little nervous taking her to the pool - I feel like when we get out she’ll be screaming 🙀
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We started at 5 months through lessons with Vancouver Parks board. We did our lessons at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre which has a warmer and shallow kiddie pool. Definitely recommend going to a warmer pool as they get cold super easily. My son wore a reusable swim diaper and a one piece romper style swimsuit. Bring someone with you if you can to help out with the changing after. Come wearing your swimsuit under your clothes but put baby’s swim diaper and swimsuit on at the pool as the swim diapers don’t hold pee. You could get your LO used to the water in a bath tub first though. I was nervous to bring mine earlier as I was worried about how the chemicals in the water would affect his skin and his eczema.

We put our son in swim lessons as soon as he turned four months which was the requirement. I saw some babies hate it, some were indifferent and some loved it, but those were older. Aiden was the youngest and he loved it! He didn’t love getting dunked but he didn’t cry either. We’re finished now but still take him to the pool

Thank you for all your tips and recommendations! Do you guys bathe/shower your baby at the aquatic centre post pool? Or do you wait until you get home?

@Benita at the Aquatic centre, I rinsed him off to get the chlorine off but washed him thoroughly at home later. He usually fell asleep on the way home so we would bathe him later in the evening. At Killarney, I gave him a quick wash down with soap since they had more showers available. But I found their showers cold sometimes.

@Benita I stripped him naked in the shower and washed him. If I didn’t he’d get dry patches on his legs

She went to the beach for the first time around 1.5 years old. She enjoyed it alot. We also took her to the public pool around 2 years

@Chelsea where did you go for your lessons? I’m hoping to put my little guy in lessons when he’s 4 months also.

@Jackie I took him to watermania in Richmond. Theres a wait list so I signed him up a few months ahead

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