19 hours ago

My supply in the left is WAYYY smaller than my right supply

So ive been trying to pump every three hours, im not perfect at it but ya know im pumping every day atleast.. my right boob is doing great so far yet my my left boob BARELY gives me any milk??? Is this normal? I gave birth on the 13th, so maybe i just have some unrealistic expectations for how much milk im supposed to produce, but my babe is eating waaay more than what i can pump out! So i really need to find a solution because i’m giving him more formula than i would like to .. Also plz dont tell me latch. He was in the NICU so i need to monitor him to make sure he’s eating enough, though yes i have tried to latch him & i think he’s too small or something idk bc he wont get on there
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10 hours ago

If you feed with one boob more than another, it will automatically produce more

12 hours ago

Supply and demand is what I was always told! If one breast is producing less then you need to feed/pump more frequently on that one primarily. Unfortunately no matter how often I pumped or fed I never was able to produce more than 1oz from the left and 2 oz from the right even after 2 months of trying. I eventually gave up figuring my testosterone levels were always on the high end preventing me from effectively BF. My advice is to keep trying! But if it gets to a point where your mental health is deteriorating then there is nothing wrong with formula either. Also, because I wasn't effectively producing my MD said the calories in my milk were not enough for baby. The baby was CONSTANTLY giving hunger cues and not gaining weight. So again, keep trying because breast feeding is beautiful! But if yours and baby's health are worrisome then formula is a blessing.

13 hours ago

@Becky biggest issue is keeping up with water 🥲

13 hours ago

@Rachael hahaha slacker boob IM DYING but yes gf amen

13 hours ago

@Kelsi yesss i’ve tried so many different flange sizes because I’m just trying to find the most comfortable one. My lactation consultant really help me out trying to decide which one might be best so I’m still kind of experimenting with different ones on my left boob😅😅😅

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