Mother’s Day messages..

Am I being sensitive or maybe my expectations are just high? 😂 I’ve had some lovely messages for my 1st Mother’s Day🌸 but heard absolutely nothing from my MIL… My partner doesn’t seem to think it’s an issue but I know on Father’s Day she’ll of course message him. I birthed her 1st grandchild😂 she’s messaged her daughter on her Facebook ‘ happy dog mum day ‘ - & I can’t help but feel a bit aggy about it! Happy Mothers Day to you all 💗💗
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that’s so rude! i’d be the same tbh. regardless of if the relationship is good or not, i think it’s basic manners etc for someone to wish you a happy mother’s day especially if you birthed their grandchild or niece / nephew etc ! honestly your not alone so don’t worry ab it. they’re just vile people lol.

Mine didn’t either 🤣🤣🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

This is interesting to me because I wouldn’t expect to be wished happy Mother’s Day by anyone but my partner, I would be more surprised if my MIL said anything! But I guess everyone’s view is different x

I would feel some type of way also. But you’re expected to wish her a happy birthday or even happy mothers day back smh. hang in there. Keep faith 😅

I think it depends on the relationship you have with her, if close then I would be pissed but if it's just getting by then I wouldn't expect nothing!!!! As for me well, I received a gift from my mil, I was shocked tbh. The relationship between us is strained 🤔. I didn't expect anything tbh and especially from her!! “A Leopard never changes it's spots”

Thank you for all sharing your views ❤️ We have our moments but I’d say we’re pretty close.. I’m just thinking if it was Father’s Day, she’d definitely message her son & like wise my family would also be showing my partner the love ❤️ I think I’d be looking less into it if she hadn’t of wished her daughter a happy dog mum day.. 😅 Hope you all had a wonderful day X

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