20 hours ago

Baby’s sitting up unassited with a curved spine?

If your baby is able to sit up unassisted or somewhat unassisted, do they have a slight curve in their spine? Like leaning forward a bit of a C shape? I’ve heard this means they shouldn’t be sitting up for long periods of time as they haven’t got stable enough back muscles yet. So a minute or two here and there is fine but like in chairs for ages to eat etc, probably not?? I dunno?? This is info from various countries paedtrician a and physical therapists 🙈 So when do I start weaning? Cause they always say by 6 months but only 30% if babies can sit up with straight back by 6-7 months lol. Majority are around 7-8 months! I’m so confused. Either way, forget weaning; so I shouldn’t be putting my baby in forced sit up positions for long periods of time because she has a slight curve still?? I have no idea!?🙈😅
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18 hours ago

I thought just if they can't sit up unassisted yet, then they shouldn't be put in a sitting position for long, and instead of sitting in a high chair, they should better sit on your lap for weaning 🤔

20 hours ago

Crazy how we second guess everything for our love of our children 😬😬😬. I started weaning around 4.5-5mos, followed french weaning. If they have good head and neck control i’m good.

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