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Hi everyone! My waters went last night and I went to triage this morning to check that was what had happened and they confirmed and told me I could either stay and be induced or go home and come back at 8pm for induction if things had not started on their own… I’ve had contractions but the pain is definitely bearable so I don’t think my body has managed to go into labour naturally and I’m so nervous about the induction process… what if it doesn’t work!! Has anyone else experienced the same and how did your induction go if so?
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This happened to me last time, same thing I was sent home and if nothing progressed told to come back the next day. Once I went back they hooked me up to the drip at around 6:30pm and baby was born just before midnight 😊 I personally thought it was fine (and after being in labour so long by this point with nothing really progressing I actually welcomed the stronger contractions as felt like I was getting close to the end haha!) good luck 😊

@Ashleigh oh this is interesting so they put you straight on the drip? They were talking about a gel/pessary to me and I was confused!

They did break my back waters first then waited a couple hours to see if anything happened which it didn’t, then they asked me if I wanted to wait further and I was like no thank you hook me up please 😂 did they check how dilated you were? I think I was 3cm by that point

@Ashleigh I was 2-3cm on Friday but haven’t been checked since then! My hind waters have already gone and I’m pretty sure the front have now gone too but I’m about to head down there and see I guess, I’m absolutely petrified that the induction fails though and I have to have a c section, it’s my biggest fear and I am freaking out haha!

I know I’m the same! I think if you were already 2-3 surely they can just give you the drip as 4 is active labour? I’m sure you’ll be fine and you’ll have your baby in your arms in no time 🥰 good luck!!

Update.. my cervix is still long and as I’ve had a baby before she can’t tell if my cervix is at 3 or not so have had the gel inserted and now waiting to see what happens!

I’m in the same situation. I go in at 3 tomorrow to be induced but they also didn’t check to see if I was dilated. Is that normal?

I hope everything is going well @Emma xx

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