19 hours ago

After birth

One thing I am having a struggle with amount a lot of other things is eating. I have like no appetite. Idk if it’s just because my body wants to go back to how it used to be before I got pregnant like eating once a day or if it’s just because I don’t have him making me hungry anymore or the pain and exhaustion from healing from my emergency c section
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16 hours ago

I have the same issue. I’m 2 weeks postpartum from my emergency c section and I still have little to no appetite. I just try and make sure when I do eat it is something high in protein and drink a bunch of water still throughout the day

17 hours ago

I have the same problem I have no appetite I think it’s kind of normal. This is my second baby and I eat like one small meal a day … I go most of the day forgetting to eat because I’m juggling my 3yr old, breastfeeding my newborn and trying to clean and entertain my mother in law (that’s a temporary problem tho) I think the appetite will come back eventually

18 hours ago

Errmmm this is when I wish there was incognito response lol but maybe cannabis in low dose just to get your first meal of the day in, for me once I’ve had the first meal the rest come more easily . 🤷‍♀️ don’t come for me lol it’s just a suggestion

18 hours ago

Exactly the same has happened to me and in 7 days postpartum today. My doctor and my pediatrician said it's completely normal due to the surge of hormones, your body healing, and the psychological aspect of now having to put yourself second and baby first. What I do is fresh frozen fruit smoothies. Lots of water. Bread and almond butter. Pancakes. Just keeping it light and not trying to force myself to feel hungry rightaway. But also eating enough in order to produce milk. Appetite will come back

18 hours ago

After I had my daughter I had 0 appetite for weeks! I literally had to force myself to eat haha

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