I will be having my first child and I don’t know what I should be taking with me to the hospital to prepare myself for labor

Anybody have any options or ideas ?
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i know i’m in the same boat & im very anxious… i def got a doula

Some people also like their own pillow/ blanket but IMO not necessary.

Okay honestly you need A LOT less than what you think. 1. Extra long phone charger 2. Tooth brush/ tooth paste and shower toiletries (the stuff the hospital provides is awful for BIPOC so I 100% would pack my own if I were you) 3. Going home outfit for you and baby 4. Potentially Pj’s/ sweats/ a lounging outfit that would be breast feeding accessible if you are planning on breastfeeding 5. A brush 6. Shower shoes 7. Potentially snacks if you are a picky eater/ have some foods you are wanting after delivery but also the hospital has food and you can doordash whatever so not really necessary 8. Baby’s car seat but leave it in the car until you are literally about to leave the hospital because you absolutely do not need it cluttering up your room And that’s really it. The hospital will provide you with literally everything else

What Raye said!! Often times you will get what they will give you and what they recommend you bring/don’t bring.

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