Is anyone else 6m PP and haven’t had their period?? I am currently taking the mini pill, did this delay/stop it for anyone? I exclusively breast feed x
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Mainly breast feeding with a few top ups and no period after 6.5 months x

EBF and got the implant, no period since birth nearly 6 months now

Mine hasn't returned. Was about 9 months pp with my older 2 x

With my first, I stopped breastfeeding at 5.5 months and didn’t get my period till about 8 months and still irregularly. Second I stopped breastfeeding at 10 months and got my first period around a year and I’m still waiting this time (6 months 1 week today, and not really waiting, hate my period). No pill this time either but was on the mini pill with the other two.

No period yet, EBF but not on pill

Yeah I’m 6 month PP and EBF on mini pill as well and no period yet

No pill and I am pumping no period yet…not complaining really

Same situation with you. Ebf and taking the pill and no period for a while now

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