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My son went with his dad for the week (first time him going for a whole week) he’s gone 2/3days with him before our move. Then we recently moved 5hrs away and this is the first time he’s away with him for a week. I’m sad bc I miss him and every time I FaceTime him he cry’s when he sees me bc he wants to come with me. I would like to continue to call at least once in the morning but would it be healthy for him for me to continue? I don’t want him crying or sad while he’s over there. Not sure the best thing to do for his mental health :(
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9 hours ago

Yeah I guess I can trust him, I know he’s fine with his dad normally happy but then the moment he hears my voice on the phone he falls out n cry’s Honestly yes I agree with you bc I did the same.. and now I feel like I gotta be extra patient when I’m already patient 😂😭

16 hours ago

I would say if you can trust dad 100% maybe fight the urge to call too often to give him a chance to trust others outside of you My daughter has horrible separation anxiety because, I didn’t allow many ppl to interact with her and I definitely regret it now that I’m all she wants all day everyday

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