Jelly like discharge

So last night I had intercourse and all day, I've had an increase in discharge. But it's different it thick jelly like. Is this my mucus plug? I am 22 weeks. Should i be worried?
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@Kadie there no blood in it

If you are concerned call L&D to ask what to do. Sometimes they will have you come in to be checked just to be safe. I’m not sure if it all doctors or just the way Kaiser does it but I was told after 20 weeks any concerns call L&D directly for a quick response rather than waiting for your OB.

It's just part of your mucus plug and your body will make more. As long as there's no blood you're good

Ok I just had the same thing happen to me and I’m kind of freaking out. How are you doing?

@Allison im doing fine. Was checked by the doctor and everything was good!

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