3 days ago

Diapers for blowouts

Do y’all have any suggestions on dipers for TERRIBLE blow outs? Every time my baby poops he has a blow out and it goes ALL up his back and through his clothes and it never goes up the front at all, he poops A LOT. I’ve tried Huggies little movers, pampers baby dry and Swaddlers, LUVS triple leak guard and parents choice and nothing hold it in.
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18 hours ago

@Lena why is the smell on your FURNITURE???

18 hours ago

in the UK nappies only cost like £6 for 60 that's a store brand too how are they $60 for you that makes 0 sense its the same product worldwide

18 hours ago

@Kellie oh if there's memes it must be tru what are you 12 🤣🤣 literally everyone on the cloth nappy group i was on was constantly asking for new brands to try and fit checks for leaks or how to get the smell of them out of the furniture

18 hours ago

@Lena I don’t know what you were doing 🙈 most mamas who use cloth don’t get leaks, that’s the number one benefit lol. There’s memes for it too. After I bought my initial stash I didn’t have to buy disposables ever again. It’s $60 a box here. Most mamas who have the problems you had, post it in a FB group and try to troubleshoot 💁🏻‍♀️


@Kellie i used to get blow outs and leaks all the time with cloth i tried all the brands too and they stank and had to be scraped and washed constantly so it ended up more expensive than store brand disposables in the long run with how high my water and electricity bill were

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