Baby foods (fruits)

When did you guys introduce fruits & veggies, and do you have to wait till 6 months.
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I’ve always heard you have to wait til 6 months, even though some people in my real life have said 4 months? I’m gonna be safe and wait til 6 unless my Dr says otherwise!

I think its 4 months if they are formula fed and 6 its they’re ebf

Anytime between 4-6 months is a good time to introduce foods as long as they are able to support sit or even sit sit in their own

I’m waiting until 6, but I’m doing veggies first, a lot of babies don’t want veggies after tasting how good fruit is. I can’t blame them either!

My anxiety is at an all time high for when that time comes... I'm allergic to fresh fruit and veggies and it runs in my family in my mom side... we have moderate to severe allergies to a number of things... I'm just praying he will be fine... I'll probably start around 5 months but I'll watch him and look for clues if he's ready...

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