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Has anyone had a positive experince in the past or know someone who has had a positive experience? Please share your stories... I'm having an induction this week and I'm petrified but I also want to be realistic and informed. Thanks everyone!
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I had an indution at 37 weeks with my girl and it was fine I would say a bit more painful that regular birth but I never got an epidural I’m due to be induced with this little girl on the 30th or march but she’s breach so I might need a C section on the 31st which I’m really scared of because I’ve never had one I hope she turns but what will be will be xx

I had an induction with my last one and the midwife did a sweep before she used the pessary and even though it was horrible it did help. I found keeping active helped alot even though the contractions were painful i knew there was a reason behind the pain. I only used gas and air but always listen to your body though and ask questions if you are unsure xx

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