Are you mommas making an Easter basket for your little ones?

My son is 15 months. I want to make him an Easter basket but not quite sure what to put in there.
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If you're not too big on candy, you can out some cars, blocks and other toys in it. That's what I'm doing for my daughter


Maybe toys and spring or Easter books

I'm putting chew toys and puffy baby crackers in my since my 15 month old is getting his back teeth in

I do books and toys

I am making my little one a basket with mostly small toys, toddler snacks and maybe a bit of candy.

We're putting in books, colorful play scarves, small plushies, and bubbles.

I do a swim suit for summer! Also baby snacks like the gerber ones! And than outside toys! Depending on where you live

I have so far - a baby doll, jumbo crayons and chalk (once it stops raining 🤣). I will add some of his favorite treats instead of candy. And maybe an outfit.

I am, i got him a new bathing suit, a book, a new toy and some of his fav snacks like yogurt melts and puffs

Thank you mommas 🥰

Thank you for posting this because I wanted to do an Easter basket for my 15 month old, too and was a little unsure of what to put in it, as well! I have lots of ideas now- thank you!! 🤗❤️

I went to the dollar store and picked up a little stuffed bunny a hopping chick and some candy (mostly lollipops)

I put in fun spring stuff that is age appropriate. Board books, a new stuffy, toddler snacks, bubbles, a ball, I got some toddler Easter toys from Amazon and a new outfit. I went a little extra and got her a water table. Easter is super fun for toddlers. They love the egg hunt and waking up to surprises too. I use it as a opening to the nicer weather coming and get some activities that will be fun.

My mom is making my son a mickey mouse easter basket out of crochet

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