So over this third trimester already. The constant exhaustion, sleepiness, and sleeplessness 😩 the back aches, tension, and pains. I’m also tired of going to the bathroom so much. Everywhere I go having to use the restroom 😤 can’t wait to deliver
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I am MISERABLE not even my first pregnancy was like this I can’t even turn over in bed without almost crying in pain GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME NOW

Same, I had a rough night last night. I'm over it

@Alexus i feel you. This is my second and it has been so much more difficult than my first 😫

I’m right there with ya sister! I have no energy to keep up with my kids anymore my house is a mess & tbh I quit caring 😂 my boys help clean some but my 15 M old baby girl just destroys everything in her path🤦🏽‍♀️ I can’t sleep because I get hot & cold flashes on and off though out the night not to mention I just can’t get comfortable…so living on two hours of sleep then trying to keep up with three kids while being pregnant is stressful…. We are almost there girl we can do it… just remember u will be holding that sweet baby in no time!

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