Hi is anyone breastfeeding

And if they are how did they go about it with getting sore nipples and being in pain if you produce too much milk?
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Thank u @Vicky I appreciate u

With my first I got really sore nipples on the second/third night so I used nipple shields for a few weeks/months until it didn’t hurt anymore. If not using nipple shields definitely use Lanisoh lanolin nipple cream after each feed but be sure to wipe it off before the next feed so that baby can get a good latch. Or you can just express a little milk between your finger and thumb after the feed and rub it on to the nipple too. I also recommend looking up the CHIN acronym for breastfeeding to help you get a good position and latch, watch some videos on it. With regards to soreness from oversupply, some people recommend cool cabbage leaves in your bra 😅. But you could hand express a bit of milk to relieve pressure. Pumping excessively can cause an oversupply because your body thinks baby is demanding the extra milk so be careful with that.

@Mary don’t worry everyone is winging it really because every baby is so different but the best advice I can give you is be patient with it whilst you and your baby both get the hang of what works for you. I almost threw the towel in at first due to how sore I got but persevered and was so glad I didn’t give up. Once I got the latch right it was smooth sailing from there. The first 1-2 weeks can be the hardest but if you can get through those then you’ll be fine! Or you might get a great latch from the get go and not experience any soreness! ☺️

Thank you everyone honestly because I’m trying to get a pump as someone told me it’s best but I haven’t got one yet so I’m thinking is baby going to be fine as I’m new to doing this 😅

Nipple cream is a must, it saved me from quitting whilst I got my latch right with my daughter. Lansinoh is the best and you can feed with it on. Also heard good things about silver nipple caps, supposed to be soothing and healing between feeds if they are sore. For when milk comes in hot or cold compress with a flannel feels great along with hand expressing to relieve the pressure if they are super full and hard x

If your latch is right, theoretically you shouldn't get sore nipples. They will be uncomfortable to begin with as it's new for them but they will only get sore and cracked if your latch is wrong xx

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