Postpartum PUPPP rash

Has anyone had a puppp rash ? It started on my belly in my stretch marks shortly after giving birth. Now it's all over my legs and arms and driving me nuts ! I'm waiting to talk to my doctor when they open tomorrow, but just curious of others experiences
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Yes ! I got it at 37 weeks I'm 39 now I was so miserable. It's started on my stretch marks and then spread to my arms back and legs ☹️ I ended up going to the hospital and got a steroid cream and an oral. I have to use both cause like you it's bad. I'm so sorry you have to deal with it too 🥺

@Maxine oh goodness ! Hope you're feeling better now, and best of luck!

@Chelsea it is definitely better with the medicine 💊 😌 I hope they are able to give you stuff to help too!

I’ve had it with my twins, and my god is it awful! I couldn’t sleep for days till i was given steroid creams which helped massively xx

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