5 days ago

Getting really fed tf up with hubby's behavior! Rent

How are you ladies dealing with this? He doesn't put me first as in communication. I'm always the last to find out, and I'm married to him. It's a bunch of over things that's been pissing me off also. 😒 I'm really to leave. I'm just so disappointed in him and don't trust him. I've never not trusted him. Idk what to do. We have been together 8 yrs this year and married 2yr this year. I've given this man all of my great years(20 to now, about to be 29). Ugh, Wtf!🙄🤯🥴🙃
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2 days ago

You can live your best life at any age!!

4 days ago

You can still live your best life in your 30s, 30 is the new 20.

5 days ago

Ditto except I didn’t realize it sooner and I am in my 30s with 5 years of marriage.

5 days ago

I’ll be 28 in a few months and something I’m realizing is that I’ve got so many great DECADES ahead. In the 20s it is just getting started. The sooner you leave him the sooner you can start your best life.

5 days ago

Set boundaries with him

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