18 hours ago

So are these Braxton hicks or the baby pushing up against my belly in the front ??

So I have this tightness on my belly in the front it lasts a few seconds but it's very uncomfortable and not painful but some pressure .. but I can't remember how contractions/Braxton hicks feel(I never experienced BH) or is this the baby pushing her back or butt to the front that's making this tight feeling ???? I'm trying to figure out what's going on
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14 hours ago

I notice I have bh if I'm dehydrated try to hydrate up see if that helps. I also do electrolyte powder.

16 hours ago

Those are definitely Braxton Hicks! I’m having them and is so uncomfortable 😣 just saw my midwife this week and she confirms those are Braxton Hicks

17 hours ago

It usually makes me have to take deep breaths and I don't want to talk to my husband during them bc it's so uncomfortable.

17 hours ago

Same.... I asked my doctor before and he said the baby will never just push up and stay there. But sometimes it definitely feels like him but they definitely hurt a lot worse than him just moving.

18 hours ago

I feel like I’m going through the same thing and there’s a spot on my stomach that feels bruised and not sure if it’s her pushing in a certain spot

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