18 hours ago

Mamas whose water broke - what was it like? Did you know it broke? Was there a lot or a little?

I’m 40 weeks + 4 and I’m hoping to not be induced … 2 cm dialated.. just want to know what it was like when everyone’s water broke *if you’re didn’t break please don’t answer*
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21 minutes ago

My water broke in the middle of the night (40+4). I woke up and I felt like a bunch of moisture on my thigh and then I stood up and it kept coming down. There was no question to me that it was that. I went to the bathroom and put on a pad and it was soaked in about half an hour. Contractions were about 3 mins apart an hour after the water broke At 40w I was 1cm and when the midwife showed up to my house I was 5cm and delivered 3 hrs after my water broke.

12 hours ago

My water broke with both my girls. Once when I was sleeping it was enough to wake me up and a few weeks ago I stood up and felt a gush and I continued to leak every few mins after. For my first daughter I was told once your water breaks you continue to leak until birth.

14 hours ago

Felt like a gush, I was laying in a hospital bed at the time, never saw the colour or anything as the nurses had me covered but they confirmed it was my water.

18 hours ago

I didn’t want to be induced either, my midwife team and I were prepared to go past 41+3 with fetal monitoring & stress tests if I didn’t spontaneously go into labour, but I did. So hang in there 🤞🏻

18 hours ago

It broke at 40+1 weeks and at my previous checkup (2 days before) I was 0cm dilated. It felt like a vaginal discharge when it came out, it completely wet my pants, then it stopped for 30min and after that it was like a fountain. I was wearing two pads going to the hospital and even so I arrived with completely wet pants. I had no contractions before, they started an hour after.

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