3 days ago

How do you keep up with making sex interesting

I would love to know how y’all make sex lively and enjoyable rather than just get over with, my partner loves when I say him past stories but it works differently with everyone.
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2 days ago

A blindfold or using even just a handkerchief (or the cheesy handcuffs) to tie their hands together adds a different feeling & sensation. Use more foreplay & take your time. Demand your partner do certain things to use or use a toy during foreplay. Do it in a different room or location such as over the arm of the couch or on the washing machine. Wear a skirt & sneak in something naughty when you're not at home.

3 days ago

I haven’t run into this problem but I did tell my husband I’d like to try some light bdsm but like on him. Like dominatrix stuff and his vanilla ass said idk about that lol

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