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I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant due in august. I’m trying to build the baby registry and I need some advice/recommendations. I plan on breastfeeding and pumping, what baby bottles do you recommend?
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7 hours ago

Look on temu! They have everything!! https://app.temu.com/m/TVzspfHreQkYc Please do not report as spam. I’ve been trying to create a group to teach moms how to shop for free. It’s so easy. This app has games that let you will credit or pick prizes. Plus free shipping. It’s the most downloaded app in 2023.

9 hours ago

Mam bottles

16 hours ago

@Rebecca thank you so much!! I believe I have both of those added as well but I will have to double check now lol!

17 hours ago

@Mary Kate I love these! My daughter is 8 months old, ebf and uses them at daycare. We love them! They’ve worked great for us. I’d add their drying rack and cactus bottle brushes onto the registry too

17 hours ago

First time mom here! I’ve added the Boon Nursh bottles to my registry, I’ve read really great reviews about them. May be worth a shot to look into them.

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