Anyone else having trouble harvesting colostrum?

I had a hot bath, massaged till my hands aches and literally got a spec of colostrum come out one side. Wondering if anyone who has been successful has any tips? Thanks
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I'm exactly the same, just tried there for the 3rd day. More liquidfied than the other days but not enough for the syringes. Just going to keep trying each day 🙃

I have nothing coming out. Midwife told me that it's not a necessity so I shouldn't worry about it but I'm obviously feeling super left out. She said as a first time mum, I might not be able to express anything before labour

I'm the same, so far nothing. It does say online though that this isn't a reflection on your ability to be and to breast feed post birth, which is reassuring at least. But it makes you panic that your baby will be hungry and you won't produce enough milk if you choose to BF xx

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