Baby bumps

When does bloat go away and the bump actually start to take shape? I’m 12+3 and I am bloated up top but have some protruding at the bottom but my belly button is tight so my belly looks like a B shape. I know everyone is different but this is my 2nd pregnancy so I know the bottom will stick out a bit more and earlier due to muscle memory however—- when will it look round?!
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Same question here!! I'm almost 14 weeks Wednesday and I just feel bloated 😭😭

Same 😂😂😂

Ugh I’m with you! Also 12+3 and just feel bloated and gross lol I want to look pregnant!!!

My pregnancy was a shock,but wonderful! My cramps were a little worse, I knew then. Didn’t take a test for a week Or too, bc I’ve never been pregnant. Lol

14 weeks today and absolutely nothing to show for it….😂

I'm 16 weeks pregnant and just look bloated with a muffin top 🤣😭

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