17 hours ago

What does your toddler sleep in?

My girl is 14 months abd she Isiah sleeps in cotton long sleeve pajamas and a fleece sleep sack. I feel like I still never no of she too cold or too hot. House is usury on 69-70 and I have the ceiling fan on low. Her room really varies in temperature though. On cold nights it can do down to 66 and warm nights or can get up to 71. She is too big for her current sheep sack and I need to get something else. I've considered a blanket and pillow but when she gets in ourbed I have to keep her from getting wrapped up in our blanket so maybe she isn't ready for a blanket. She does however like laying on our pillow. Thoughts?
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12 hours ago

She wears either cotton footie PJs or no foot ones - we don’t really choose that based on temperature. Then a cotton sleep sack. House is usually around 68 and her fan is on low.

13 hours ago

My little guy is 14 months. He sleeps wearing wither a sleep sack, fleece footie pajamas, or pajama shirt and pants. He has a couple of blankets and a pillow in his crib.

16 hours ago

Leon sleeps in footie pajamas. He also has cotton pajamas. He also sleeps with blankets. They are small thin ones. Alot of time he covers up with one. Surrounds himself like a nest with the rest.

16 hours ago

She's 15 months

16 hours ago

My little one sleeps in a onesie with fleece footie pajamas. She sleeps in my bed so I make sure she's warm

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