Choking - family rant

My siblings and I took our mum out for Mother’s day lunch. He’s a confident eater, BLW from 6 months. But when his chicken tenders came out and they were really crunchy. Not something I would choose to give him but went with it and broke them in to smaller pieces. He was beside me so I didn’t notice until my mum told me he was choking. His face was getting redder and not responding how he normally would so I reacted quick and hit his back until he was ok again. He cried a little but eventually calmed down and went back to eating his lunch (not the chicken). But I was really shook up and embarrassed that this had happened, also in public and it wasn’t me that noticed. I’ve been in tears off and on all afternoon that I let this happen. But to top it all off my sister who is 10 years younger still living her best student life. Turns round and tells me my reaction and hitting him on the back was ‘a bit dramatic’ and I hurt him. Honestly fed up of her judging how I take care of my child and when I tell her to shush or she is out of place I get no apology.
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My LG did this with veggie fingers and the sweetcorn inside. My god it scared the life out of me. I'd rather be dramatic and know my kids fine than underplay the situation

Not dramatic at all. You did what any person would do if a child is choking. You have to hit their back hard for it to work. You did well.

Thanks ladies it is scary and the most important part is they are ok. Really don’t care how that happens as long as they are safe.

Never, you did what you had to. Happened with my first on a chicken bone, was 6 years ago now and still the scariest moment of my life xx

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