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Choosing an OBGYN

Hi, a first-time expecting mom here! One question that I have been struggling with is finding an OB. Soon after I found out I was pregnant I learnt that most of the OBs here does not guarantee to be there for you at delivery, it would be one of the oncall doctors at the hospital. I did found one that promised to care for you from beginning to birth, but since I was already seeing my current OB before pregnancy, I went with the old one instead. Now I’m having second thoughts whether I should choose the latter. I most likely would be delivering at Scripps Coastal Memorial Encinitas regardless which doctor I went with. Would like to hear the community’s advice on this.
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16 hours ago

@Karla thanks Karla, yeah he is the other doctor I was referring to who can be there for delivery. I was a bit hesitant because he seemed really busy with all the patients and didn’t have a midwife when I was talking with him. Since his patients will be delivering at Scripps anyway, I imagine besides his midwife there will be another oncall doctor also ?

17 hours ago

I have Dr. Capetanakis and he’s great. He does pride himself on delivering most of his babies…but not when he goes on vacation for a month. He will actually be in Greece on my due date so his midwife who just started will most likely deliver my baby. I heard from other patients too that the midwife is going to be delivering more of his babies. I’m not sure if there’s any OBGYN that will guarantee they deliver your baby unfortunately. It def threw me for a loop!

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