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Custody issues

My ex and I are having custody issues. I feel like I am being more than fair. So my ex has no car, no job, doesn’t help financially, does not have a room for my child, nor babyproofed his home, and he lives with his step father who is a convicted felon that assaulted two women last year. I offered the arrangement that he can get her every Sunday. (Saturday night to Sunday night) & one full weekend a month. I said I can get a lawyer to draw a contract and we can sign it. Then 10% of any income for child support. He said no. He wants 2 full weeks a month. How is he even supposed to take her to daycare ? And it doesn’t make sense when she goes to school age because she’ll be in 2 different districts. I don’t trust her being with his step father that long as he is also and off and on again crack addict. Now I think I’m just going to contact a lawyer for primary custody. I really didn’t want to spend all this money but I doesn’t make sense for him to get half the month
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15 hours ago

That a very generous offer from you considering his situation. I’m shocked he countered with such a request. I would probably just consult a lawyer and get their opinion but don’t necessarily need them with you the whole time

16 hours ago

You’ve been more than reasonable and really it’s not safe for her to be in that house at all with a convicted felon and on/off crack addict. He’s not paying child support and he hasn’t got the means to look after her. Go to a lawyer and get primary custody until your ex grows tf up.

16 hours ago

Agree with Peach. Most times got just represent your case. He C clearly doesn’t have a leg to stand on and no judge will grant him what he is asking when they investigate his situation. They will not allow the child to stay with a felon. Again, depending on where you are you just go to the court house and file for custody. They will set a court date and go from there. If you request this and he doesn’t show up. You automatically win what you asked for

17 hours ago

Depending on where you are, u can represent yourself. You don’t have to pay for a lawyer .

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