17 hours ago

Baby screaming all day when awake

Help!! Anyone else noticed their baby is constantly crying, frowning and never seems happy? Mine is 6 week old. The last two days he has been terribly unsettled. It can’t be colic as he is not drawing knees to tummy, brings wind up brilliantly. He does have gaviscon for silent reflux and is on probiotics. I just don’t know what’s wrong. I’ve heard crying peeks between 6-8 weeks?
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7 hours ago

I’m not sure, going to ring the GP again today.

11 hours ago

Do you think it could be the silent reflux causing pain? Your GP can prescribe you omeprazole if you feel you need to try something else

15 hours ago

My daughter has been the same the last few days. Can't seem to fathom what could be wrong but she's just constantly crying unless one of us picks her up and cuddles her.

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