Body image issues

Anyone else get fed up with people commenting on "how big they are getting". I love my bump and i dont think i look huge at all.. But comments are starting to get to me...
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I know it's easier said than done but try and ignore people. I'm sure they mean no harm but being pregnant is an emotional roller coaster. Your body is growing a human! It's going to change xxx

I know, and I know no harm is meant it just gets alot some times 😕 just wana stay in the house away from everyone and be able to enjoy my bump without people making comments x

I know it sounds silly and probably abit selfish, but its still my body x

@Ceri totally get you. I've been manage sizes before being pregnant so I cam be very sensitive to comment. But just keep loving your bump, focus on you and baby. Xx

Thanks sweetie xxx

Yep! But I have also put on a lot of weight so the comments get to me more. Its hard xx

People just don't seem to understand, which I don't get considering some people who have said it have been pregnant x

In no way have I gained a lot of weight nor do I have a massive bump to put in some context people have only just started to tell me I look pregnant at 29 almost 30 weeks but for me it’s all internal as I no longer know how to dress because I feel huge round my front and none of my usual clothes look right besides from loose fitting summer outfits. It’s draining but I know it’s a few more weeks and worth it in the end. I will say I don’t go out much of weekend anymore because the thought of styling an outfit it’s more effort than it’s worth. Xx

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