Dimpled skin under bump might be orange peel skin

Maternity triage at north Manchester was useless at looking into this problem for me and even my gp said triage need to look into it apparently this is stretch marks … even not being a doctor I can be certain is not stretch marks … stretch marks look nothing like this and they don’t hurt or cause pain …. It hurts really bad and feels aweful when bending and moving has anyone else has this I think it’s orange peel skin not stretch marks any tips on how to manage the swelling on the skin ?
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I’m no doctor but my stretch marks started last week and are like this , they are also painful , I can’t have any clothes touching them at all , I’m finding cold flannels and bio oil is helping me , but of course if you feel there’s something wrong persist for help

Thanks for that advice I’ll try them out to see if it helps xx

I got this too, I have no idea what they are, never had it on my first. It feels really weird now after my csection

Hmmm 🤔 it’s very strange I’m in a lot of pain with it but no one is helping me I’m so worried if it’s something serious

I have similar - hard to tell Exactly from the picture but my midwife said it was stretch marks but with a build up of fluid which is what makes them feel like bumps. They have started to go down now and she said eventually the fluid will work it’s way out and they will go down. Not sure if it’s exactly the same but could be that.

I had my son in January and I had This midwife told me after looking at it that it felt like water retention and a bit of cellulitis I still have it 10 weeks PP but it’s not too bad now I used warm compresses and had baths a lot to help it out

I have something similar but really itchy to the point of painful at times. Yesterday I got some Aloe Gel Dr organic brand from Holland and Barrett and it immediately cooled the area and I didn’t itch for a few hours. Highly recommend xx

This was how my stretch marks first appeared 🤷🏻‍♀️ I just kept up on my oils but 11 years later and my boobs are still as tiger stripe looking.

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