Conflicted over breastfeeding / formula feeding

Just wondering if anyone is struggling with the same internal debate I’m having. I always thought I didn’t want to breastfeed because I have a large chest and the idea of needing to breastfeed in public strikes fear into me and I liked the idea of my husband being more involved in feeding and being able to share night feed responsibility. As the weeks have gone on I’m now wondering if I’m selfish for not wanting to try breastfeeding and if I’ll regret not doing it. If you’re comfortable feel free to share how you’re planning to feed baby (knowing things can change!), think I need some reassurance I’m not alone in my thoughts.
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I’m swaying between the two because of medical reasons, but I was thinking I might try and see how I get on. But feel like a fish out of water deciding tbh!

With my first I had the intention of starting breastfeeding for the first few weeks at least so he got the good stuff. My milk never came in, I tried to get it to happen, was expressing, getting him to latch on but nothing. He'd cry after a couple of sucks because nothing would come out. I tried for a few weeks and I knew I couldn't keep doing it to myself because mentally it was having its toll on me. I bottle fed and always felt like I had to justify it whenever someone asked. Months went by and people around me who exclusively breastfed their babies were behind my boy in ways of development. Also one of the babies kept getting infections that needed antibiotics and my boy never had one, still hasn't to this day. So in my eyes, there was no proof that breast was best and as long as my baby was fed and happy then we were winning. With this one, I don't think I'm even going to try, I don't want the guilt if it doesn't happen knowing full well that formula was just as good for my boy :)

I think I'm going to combination feed if possible to allow my husband to be able to be involved with the feeds and take off the pressure from me a bit. But it's my first child so we'll see what happens- trying not to put too much pressure on myself x

I'm a H cup, so trust me when I say I understand. I breast fed my first until approx 4 months, then I swapped to pumping. The reason I stopped at 4 months is that's when baby was at the stage of every single noise or movement would distract him. And my nips were just left hanging as he rolled around 🤣🤣 he'd have the occasion fed at home usually night time, but was happy swapping to a bottle but hated formula. This time around I'm having the debate of breastfeeding or exclusively pumping. I had such a great supply last time I feel it would be an absolute waste to be buying formula.

I have nothing against formula BTW, I used it for top ups and emergencies and will do the same again. I just point blank refused to pay those prices!!!

Fed is best! You do what works for you and your family mamma. I will start with breastfeeding 100% but I’m not precious if it doesn’t work out for us for whatever reason. My reasons for breastfeeding are cost and ease (no sterilising or making up bottles) especially in the middle of the night. If you are worried about the public aspect of it, nursing covers will cover you and baby and give you some privacy.

Also I saw a YouTube video where mum breast fed in the night then woke dad up, she went to sleep while dad burped, changed and settled baby. There are ways he can still help if you BF 😊 x

My plan is to try breastfeeding and expressing. Hopefully one or the other will work, but if not then we will opt for formula, but I’m not going to be disheartened if it doesn’t work. The idea of expressing for me is so my other half can be involved in feeding and do some night feeds. Ideally, if all goes to plan, I’d breast feed when baby needs and express in between / at night. We will have formula as back up in case I run out of milk but that’s about it ☺️

Aiming to breast feed, but have bottles and formula on standby - you never know what will happen

My plan is to combination feed with breast milk so my husband can also feed and bond with baby but also to give me freedom to be able to leave baby with him or my mum for a couple hours and not worry they won’t be fed. But at the end of it, my main goal is a fed baby so if they only like the boob we go EB or if they hate the boob and love bottles or I’m not producing enough then we’ll do a mix of breast milk and formula x

Do you not want to pump?

Hey I’m the same I can’t think of anything worse than whipping out my huge boobs in public 🤣 I plan on trying breast feeding and bottle feeding with pumped breast milk. I’m also aware breast feeding/pumping may not work for me so it may end up being formula only but as long as the baby is fed that’s all that matters xx

I'm not planning to breastfeed. It's not for me at all!

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