TW: Anxiety & Loss

How do you get the anxiety of SIDS out of your head?
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My child shall live and not die... I declare declarations over my child daily and that has helped me alot with anxiety especially after already loosing a child at 8 wks old (not from sids)... I still check him often but my mental is far better than where it was

Every time I’m scared I check on my baby, then I tell myself - she’s happy, she’s healthy, she’s thriving. Over and over it’s helped a bit

I struggled with this for the first few weeks to the point that I couldn’t sleep I would LITERALLY stare at my baby all night long and all day during her naps. I started to lose my mind lol. The only thing I can tell you is it gets better. Stay off google. Listen to your momma instincts. And know that if you’re in a non smoking household, and follow safe sleep practice the chance of SIDS is extremely low. I had to keep telling myself this. Hope you find peace mama🙏🏻♥️

I worry about it but I just make sure to check on my LO frequently during the day and he sleeps in a bassinet next to the bed at night so when I wake up I can give him a quick check. And follow literally every guideline out there to prevent it. 🫶 Just keep in mind every month that passes decreases the likelihood. That's how I dealt with my miscarriage anxiety during pregnancy too!

I'm constantly worried about it. I think its just part of being a new mom for some of us.

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