For anyone who’s decided not to breastfeed, do you have any tips on drying up your supply and easing the pain? I’m currently managing the pain from tearing better than how sore my boobs are right now! Thank you!
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I had such sore boobs when my milk came in, standing under a really warm shower with Muslin or flannels on each boob really helped me. Massaging them gently with warm flannels a couple of times a day helped aswell! A midwife told me cabbage leaves on each boob works too not sure how true that is. Hope it helps!

With my first I was told not to massage them etc, basically don’t express anything as this makes the body think there is demand therefore will keep supplying. I was also told cabbage leaves!

Same as above, try not to touch them or do anything that will stimulate them and they will continue to make milk. Mine are just drying up now and I’m day 12, the milk came in around day 3. Keep up with the pain meds as that’ll help x

Try not to stimulate them as that will tell your body you need to make more milk as tempting as it is for that bit of release.. anything warm will make them leak more. With my other 4 babies I used cold cabbage leaves when I was ready to stop expressing xx

Hot shower and just releasing the milk in the shower. That's what I did with both of mine. Just massaging the actual breast and not stimulating the nipple. The pain I was in with my second was hell, but i just did that once a day and it stopped within a week x

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