Miscarried in February

Hi Everyone I miscarried in February so this is my first cycle afterwards. I was told to wait till second cycle before TTC. I didn’t actively try to conceive but i was not against it either I just thought to let my body do whatever it wants to do Period is due on 22nd of March My breast feels full and kind of tender like early pregnancy But I don’t want to test coz my heart will break if i see a negative I don’t know what I’m looking for by posting but I just wanted to talk
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Just sit tight and let your body do its thing. I know the pain of the wait and then the heartache. Try to keep busy and just not overthink things x

I miscarried at 5 weeks 4 days on March 1. I’m with you in the wait friend ♥️

@Laura Im so sorry… How are you I was exactly 8 weeks when mine happened

@Rachael i am on annual leave so 😂😂 I almost tested this morning but couldn’t because my husband was in the bathroom and I didn’t want him to see

@Robiat it is such a hard thing. You desperately want to know but are terrified to see a negative. Likewise, I miscarried at 12 weeks and when I gor pregnant again and saw a positive I was also terrified. Pregnancy after loss is hard, but I'm grateful x

@Robiat I am doing alright, emotionally all over but physically seem to be back to “normal”. Hoping for ovulation to come back this cycle. I have the symptoms but no positive LH surge yet

@Rachael i am sooo happy for you… I did end up testing… huge negative but Im okay

@Laura I didn’t know it was possible to get symptoms without LH surge I’ve always relied on symptoms I better get a test pack

@Robiat thank you xx I miscarried in May 2022 after 2 years of trying , I then fell pregnant again after deciding to not stress and stop tracking haha I fell pregnant in the late October 2022 and currently doing okay x x

I also miscarried in February at 10w4d. It’s devastating. My thoughts are with you 💕

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