When to wean?

Hi all, Just looking for advice on when to know your LO is ready to wean? She can’t sit up unaided yet but does sit well in her bumbo for short periods of time. She’s six months next week. My partner said she’s not ready and that I shouldn’t start trying to give her food until she’s fully able to sit. Just wondering what everyone else is doing? Thanks :)
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My little girl was really close to sitting up just after 3 months but got put in a pavlik harness so it really set her back and she can sit up for short periods of time but falls over , I know if she didn’t get put in her harness she would be a pro at it now! I’ve started weaning she’s amazing at holding her head up but her legs don’t fit in the high chair so I just have to sit her up against something she loves her food , I think all you can do is try. If your baby isn’t ready she will spit it out x

Our boy can't sit fully unaided, so we aren't weaning yet....but he's very close! Don't really want to set him up for failure or risk him choking because he's not sitting upright by himself, but of course everyone is completely different and this is just what we are choosing to do 💙 there is no rush, but he's definitely wanting to try foods! Xx

My little girl can't sit fully unaided, but she started refusing milk, going hours without it too long without it. So I started with just fruit puree sitting in her chair, and she absolutely loved it. She started drinking milk again, so we now give her banana porridge after her morning bottle and some dinner around 5 and a bottle before bed and milk during the afternoon with some snacks in between if she's interested and she absolutely loves it. She's 6 months

We started weaning at just over 5 months- she sat on our laps at first to have a bit of puree and now better at sitting she's in the highchair with straps and an inflatable cushion. I don't think they need to be 100% sitting independently, can have a bit of support in highchair as long as they don't slump over or drop head

@Kelly oo I haven’t heard this before! I will try it that. Thank you x

Thank you so much mamas. I’m definitely feeling better about it! ❤️

Speak with HV and nhs guidelines, they explained me she has to be ready ti sit supported to start earting, not unaided. Undaided is usually around 7 month or later you are not going to start eating that late..My baby sat today for the first time in high chair and was well , of course well supprted, tomorrow we will try food for the first time. She is 6 month on 25th she keeps head well supprted

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