I’m 28 weeks tomorrow and I feel my baby move regularly but I’m so confused as to how you’re supposed to count the kicks as I can’t be sure if it’s a kick or just a movement ect. I’ve heard they should move or kick 10 times per hour. What’s everyone else’s opinion on this please? I’m aware to call the midwife if I feel reduced movement, any less than I already feel or none at all. I just wondered how you other girls count the kicks ect x
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My midwife told me that every woman’s baby will have there own patter and you will learn your baby’s movement patern 💓

Every time I feel movement I just put the time in my notes to try keep track a bit more I’m only 22 weeks and been feeling movement since 17 weeks

They call it kick count but it’s a count of movements in general. So kicks, rolls, turns, punches, stretches, anything other than hiccups is what you count. Should be done no less than 2 hours, once you start the count. So it’s best to pick the time of day your baby is most active.

My son was very active. Any movement you feel counts and towards the end they can sleep for an hour+ at a time. After like 30 weeks my son was only very active for 5ish hours out of a 24hr period. He was born healthy and at term 💕

I only “counted kicks” for a day or two and then I felt confident that I knew his relative pattern and trusted my body to know if something was wrong (all screenings and ultrasounds were normal and we were low risk)

During the day I barely felt my baby move, i would be on my feet all day at work and I just never felt her move I was too busy. On a nighttime once I started resting she would start kicking. If it had been a while since I felt her move I would get extremely worried and would prod my tummy repeatedly until she would move…

I was told when I went into hospital with reduced fetal movements that they don’t advise to count kicks anymore but just to get into a habit of noting baby’s patterns and then if there is a notable change to call then

The only thing you shouldn’t count is hiccups (you should recognise that by how oddly regular it feels), all other kicks/movement can be counted, I have been told to count how many within an hour, if you get to 10 within the hour it’s perfect, if you have a little less you can try to eat/drink something sweet and give it an other hour

Should be called a movement count bc that's what your counting, Not just the kicks.

I use count the kicks app at the same time each night, its a really helpful way to keep track of it

Kick counts is very outdated advice. Should go by regular pattern, example every night before you go to bed, baby having a party, or everytime you eat, or about 4pm when your show is on etc Routines are important, if something is out of routine, whether it’s increased movements or decreased get checked immediately. Please do not overlook baby being “too active” just because they’re moving, still get checked.

I wouldn’t worry about counting kicks, it starts to become an unhealthy habit and just adds to worry (did for me anyways). As long as you can feel them move throughout the day your all good. I know people say that if you notice reduced movement from your usual pattern to seek advise but I never had a pattern. Everyone is different. You’ll know if something doesn’t feel right 💙💕

I got told not to count the kicks any more & just to go by your babies regular pattern. As if there's not enough to worry about already, adding hourly kicking on top 😅

I didn’t count movements. He was a bit active during the day (I worked all the way up to the day before my induction) and was active more when I started to relax. He was a very active baby and he still is. He loves to be moving and trying to get where he needs to go as fast as possible 😂 All ultrasounds and screenings were perfectly normal, even now his blood tests and check ups are normal.

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