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Does anyone else only need to touch their belly and their baby moves straight away🥹♥️ when I touch my belly, baby moves, as soon as someone else does it stops lol! Am I mad or can they sense our hands? X
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Not every single time but baby responds quite a lot to my touch and also to my husband! I’ve read they can sense touch as well as hear our voices etc. so it’s a lovely thing to do to bond with baby! 🥰

My little one always kicks me or wriggles when I touch my bump , keeps still for everyone else so definitely a momma’s boy at the moment 🥺xx

😂😂😂😂 absolutely true !!

It sounds insane but sometimes I only have to think to myself "I haven't felt him for a while, a reassuring kick would be nice" and literally he kicks a few seconds later. Same when I put my hand on my stomach. I think we're connected to them in more ways than we think 🥰

Yes me! We had a joke that whenever my parents would try and feel a kick he’d stop moving 😂 funny because we’ve had a bit of a sad time in the fam recently with a sick relative and suddenly my boy feels like letting everyone feel his little kicks ❤️❤️

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