Cloth Diapering

Any cloth mamas in here? I’m looking into it and hopefully starting soon. How’s the overall experience and how did starting go for you and your baby?
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Me :) it’s working out great for us! We use the esembly system

@Elaine have y’all been doing it since baby was born? what’s esembly system? Diaper Covers? 🤔

We did it since like 1.5mo? It has cotton inner and then diaper covers. Esembly is the brand name. They have their own detergent and everything that makes it super easy. It looks like I can give you a code for 15% off if you’d like. They also have some stuff on sale and whatnot too. We got some to try, then ended up switching over completely except at night

I’m currently looking into Nicki’s Diapers for diaper covers and pre folds. I’ll look into Esembly. Yes please! 15% off sounds great! Thanks for sharing. Where did you get your pail liners and pail for diapers from?

Here you go: :) they should be stackable for clearance ones too. I got the pail liner from them too 😂 I honestly am clueless about any other kind of diaper, but they make it too simple to me. I got the Ubbi diaper pail for them so we just have 2 pails. One for cloth with the esembly liner in an Ubbi pail, and a second Ubbi pail for the night diapers and wipes. When we go out for the day we either use disposable or we bring a “wet bag” or a day bag from esembly (I think they’re on clearance right now). They had another kind of diaper pail that they recommend too. I just read through their articles and their Instagram is really helpful too.

We are cloth diapering too. Using Alva baby and Nora's Nursery. We use disposables at night and when we go out. It works well. Once I watched a video of how to put them on correctly. It is some extra work with washing at the end of the day and assembly in the mornings but we just bought more to hopefully make it less work. Saves money for us and hoping it will make potty training easier.

We have been using cloth since he hit 8 pounds! (About a month) we absolutely love them! We use MOSTLY mama koala pockets and use bamboo and microfiber inserts. Never had a blow out (even though we have had poops that had major blowout potential lol) I’ve known for years I wanted to use cloth when we finally got pregnant so I’ve been building a stash for quite a while. We never pre stuff but we can do about three loads of diapers (wash every three days) before we have to prep them.

I love them because I can wash them

I love our cloth diapers! I use Alva Baby and haven’t had any problems with them. I use charcoal inserts at night and haven’t had leaks.

Bailey I bought those but have not used them yet because I feel like my soon poops so much and he is so tiny that I have not given them a try. I have 12 total with the double charcoal inserts. How do you wash them?

@Diana we bought a bidet sprayer that attached right to our toilet, if she poops we just spray it off into the toilet real quick. If it’s just wet, we put it into the hamper. I have 18 so I wash them every other day. I’m still experimenting with my wash technique, but so far I do warm water, heavy soil cycle with detergent and baking soda, high fill so there’s as much water as possible, and extra rinse. In all my research, a lot of people do hot water but the Alva baby diapers say specifically not to use hot water only warm, and a lot of people do 2 wash cycles, but I noticed they’re perfectly clean no stains no smell after only 1 and the extra rinse.

Yes! Hang in the sun to dry and sanitize!

@Bailey thanks for the detailed reply! I will start giving them a try next month, I feel the older he gets he will poop less or at least that's my hope haha! 😂

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