Hey! So I’ve became anemic with this pregnancy😩 I have absolutely no energy at all and I hate it😞 I was taking iron gummies, but then I got so sick after taking them. My OB said if my levels get lower or stay the same, they’ll start Iron infusions at 37 weeks. I really feel like this little boy will be here at 38 weeks and some change😂💙 what if they don’t even give me the infusions….?! Im the one who had to point out that my iron levels were low🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m so scared that if my iron levels are low when I go to give birth, I’m gonna pass out or have a really hard time. Any other mamas have or had anemia?
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I got diagnosed with anemia at 28 weeks, and I was taking prescription iron. I still take prescription iron. I was induced at 36 weeks for Cholestasis & after a failed induction, I had a c-section on 3/8, and I had to have iron infusions afterward. My levels came up enough to be discharged with medications again. Just keep on top of the doctors & everything will be fine.

@Destiny I’ll definitely talk to my dr abt it, thank you so much!!! I get sick whenever I eat dairy w this pregnancy so I avoid that😅 I’ve heard vitamin c helps!

@Wilchelle Hurt I might have to get infusions if my iron is too low. My stomach is really sensitive so I’m not sure if it’d make a difference for me😩 I have Hyperemesis Gravidarum, I had to stop taking the prenatal pills that had iron bc it made me sick. Ig we’ll see!

@Jessica awe, I’m glad everything went smooth. That’s what I needed to hear! Thank you!💙

@Grey yes!! It sucks😩

Switch to pills … iron gummies don’t give you the same as the pills .. I had that same problem has to get infusions at 35 weeks

Im on the same boat, have an appointment with my OB in a few hours, I’ve thrown up every time i try to take the damn iron pills .-.

I had anemia while pregnant too. They had given my iron before and after pregnancy but I really suck at taking pills. I had super low iron, but the birth was as smooth as could be.

I read that anemia in pregnancy can cause the placenta to calcify. I have it and been taking iron supplements and stool softener, but talk to your dr

Also dairy will cut iron absorption so keep that in mind and try to take with vitamin c to help absorption.

Get blood builders , iron is hard on tummy and can slow your bowels. I was severely anemic most of my pregnancy until I got a blood builder , and kelp supplements. Give your body the building blocks to make it on its own . I also take THORN pre Natals and it has more than the usual 27mg of iron it’s got like 80mg and with other vitamins in it it helps break it down easier .

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