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I've only just come across this idea and I'm interested to hear more; please give me your thoughts, opinions and maybe book recommendations? ❤️
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2 hours ago

I teach a 5 week Antenatal and HypnoBirthing® course, in person or online via Teams for anyone not living here in Derbyshire. I'd definitely recommend looking into a course if you can. It can be so much more personal and tailored to suit you, your partner and your needs. Keeps your practice on track too rather than just reading the book. I teach the original Mongan Method, created by Marie Mongan over 30 years ago. It's the course we used for both of our little girls (now 10 and 6). Happy to email some course info over if you'd like it, or can call for a chat if you'd prefer. Claire xx

2 days ago

I’ve just started the positive birth company hypnobirthing course and I have got the book too, I love it so far! So informative and easy to follow, really helpful to be able to pick up and leave it whenever works for me too. It’s on sale at the moment and you get the postpartum pack too which I haven’t started yet xx

3 days ago

@Holly only thing is that the hypnobirthing courses are just about birth. The antenatal courses are mostly but they have bits in about caring for baby i.e. changing a nappy, safe sleep environments, but as I'd already changed plenty of nappies and read about safe sleeping etc I didn't find those bits particularly helpful, but I guess some people might.

3 days ago

we're starting ante natal classes end of April but have also signed up for the birth rising hypnobirthing course. the hypnobirthing (can still involve your partner) but even though my other half wants to watch it he finds it a bit bluergh. alot of it is about your mindset and being positive and that as a woman what your doing in incredible. he does agree but 12 hours if it is a bit much for him. so I'm continuing thr hypnobirthing online course myself (until the birth partners bits) and he's coming to antenatal classes. Happy medium! ❤️

3 days ago

@Tanya I kinda thought that might be the case. Thank you :)

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